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Bridgestone Performance Balls and Puck are changing the world of sports

April 15th, 2013

Bridgestone is serious about their technology, their Performance Balls and Puck are revolutionizing the world of sports. Their nano-tech research to provide amazing high performance tires has translated into the most innovative advances in the world of sports. Using cutting edge technology, Bridgestone has created prototypes that will advance football, basketball, bowling, and hockey. Their new Performance Balls and Puck are game changers in the industry, using the same technology that keeps their position as a leader in the tire industry for safety, fuel efficiency, noise reduction, and winter driving control.

The same polymer innovations that they use in their Potenza tires to grip and hug turns with expert precision have been put to use in creating the Potenza Football. This performance football flies smooth same speed and control creating unbelievable breakthroughs in the game. Equally the Turanza Basketball becomes just as quiet on the court as the noise reducing Turanza tires become on the road. Turanza tires absorb road noise through their specialized design. In the case for the Turanza Basketball, this translates into a high performing, yet revolutionizing quiet ball game. Bowling will never be the same with the invention of the Ecopia Bowling Ball. Combining the technology of their cutting-edge Low Rolling Resistance Tires that maximize fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance, the Ecopia Bowling Ball will forever change the sport. Both the Ecopia Bowling Ball and the Ecopia Tires run with minimal exertion, maximum distance, and control. Equally impressive is the Prototype Performance Puck. The very same multi-cell compounds that allow Bridgestone Blizzak tires to cut through ice and snow has been incorporated into this Performance Puck to effortlessly move across the rink with speed and performance precision.

Now, of course these are just prototypes in the developmental stage. The performance possibilities are huge and could revolutionize sports as we know them. Already tested out by top ranking sports legends, the Bridgestone Performance Balls and Puck are the technological wave of the future. However far off from the sports arena, the Bridgestone Performance Tires are already available to consumers. Ask us about Bridgestone Potenza, Turanza, Ecopia, and Blizztak Tires for the best in handling, noise-reduction, fuel efficiency, and winter safety. You can also check out all of the Bridgestone Performance Balls and Puck innovations on their website or Facebook page, and even get your very own Potenza Football, Turanza Basketball, Ecopia Bowling Ball, or Blizztak Performance Puck (*these will not perform with the same abilities as the prototypes).

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