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Why you should learn more about Low Rolling Resistance Tires

May 15th, 2013

Tires play an important role in the overall performance and safety of a vehicle. Getting the most out of your fuel economy and performance can depend on the tires you choose, and for fuel efficiency specifically, there is no better choice than Low Rolling Resistance Tires. “Rolling Resistance” is how much required effort a tire requires to roll, and with low rolling resistance, the wasted energy is minimized, which in turn can increase fuel efficiency and performance. In fact, recent studies have shown that using Low Rolling Resistance Tires can could save 1.5%-4.5% of fuel consumption, which is not only smart for the environment, but can also have a huge impact on your wallet.

Low Rolling Resistance Tires are comparable to standard tires in both life, and traction. The new generation of Low Rolling Resistance Tires are rated for safety as well as fuel efficiency. There are options to fit many needs as far as cost, size, driving conditions, and style so be sure and ask one of our tire experts about the best option for your vehicle.

The new Bridgestone Ecopia is a prime example of high quality and fuel efficiency. You can check out their free fuel calculator online to see the difference in fuel consumption and savings. These Ecopia tires are engineered with less rolling resistance, which can make any car more fuel-efficient with no additional wear or loss of performance. The fuel saver sidewall helps lower the rolling resistance by returning more energy back to the tire and reducing heat generation. They have Nanopro-tech which optimizes the performance characteristics by controlling the interaction between the materials in the tire at the very basic molecular level. The design is maximized to provide the best in fuel efficiency and performance by paying close attention to shape, construction, materials, casing, and tread. For all of the science and technology that goes into these tires, the difference can be seen in the savings at the pump.

If your main concern is performance and fuel efficiency, the optimum choice would be Low Resistance Rolling Tires. Nothing compares quite the same when it comes to fuel efficiency and fuel consumption ratings. You may even qualify for rebates or added savings, so check with us to see if Low Rolling Resistance Tires are right for you. You may be surprised at the long-term savings they can provide at the pump.

When choosing your best tire option, keep in mind that other factors can improve your fuel economy as well. Make sure you are maintaining proper tire inflation, receiving regular tire rotations, as well as routine oil changes and maintenance. Always check and fill your tire pressure when it is cool and use a tire pressure gauge. For a vehicle that performs at its best, consumes less fuel, and can help save money, choosing Low Rolling Resistance Tires is a consumer savvy choice.  

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