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Sno-way Plows


  • New - 26R Series

    Fits 1/2 Ton Trucks

    The 26R is a plow for ½ ton trucks, with more snow moving capability than anyone else in the industry. Utilizing the patented dual hinge design system you can move more than twice as much snow as a conventional straight or vee plow. The 26R is built using high strength steel to provide performance and durability, without added weight. With the patented Down Pressure® System you now have the ultimate snow cleaning machine.

  • Revolution™ HD Series

    Fits 1 Ton To Class 5 Trucks.

    The Revolution™ HD is here. This plow is designed to flat out move more snow. The fully controllable independently moveable 13-1/2” wings allow you to make your plow a full open plow to a box end plow in a matter of seconds. The Revolution™ HD with patented Down Pressure® on a one ton or larger truck will cut your plowing time in half when compared against any plow in the market.

  • Megablade™ Contractor Series

    Fits 3/4 Ton Up To Class 5 Trucks.

    The Contractor offers snow removal professionals a rugged straight plow with many industry-first features. Available for 3/4-ton and larger vehicles, the MegaBlade™ Contractor is 8'-6" wide, 29" tall and is constructed of 12-gauge steel. Sno-Way’s Contractor plow features a new high-performance FastForce™ hydraulic system. The vertical lift cylinder design increases Down Pressure™ hydraulic force to 250 pounds! Both angle cylinders are top mounted on the A-frame for more direct force and better protection. In addition, the pump is mounted high on the light tower for convenient serviceability and provides straight-line plumbing of all hydraulic hoses for unimpeded plow and super-fast blade response.

  • 29R Series with Down Pressure Hydraulics

    Like our MegaBlade™ Revolution™ Plow, the 29R is designed to move more snow.  The 29R stands out from the crowd with the greatest possible snow moving flexibility and capacity for a plow mounted to a 3/4 ton truck. No more machine limitations! The 29R uses the 29HD series commercial plow platform and has all the desirable characteristics of an extreme-duty plow: high-strength steel moldboard, fast and responsive hydraulics and optimized blade geometry for exceptional snow-rolling performance.

  • 29VHD Series

    The 29VHD is the top of the line in Vee Plow technology. Fits HD 3/4 Ton To Class 5 Trucks The 29VHD is the top of the line in Vee Plow technology. The ingenious single adjusting arm blade leveling system allows the operator to adjust the center hinge for perfect plowing alignment and no snow trail. With the Down Pressure® Hydraulic System as standard equipment, this plow will clean better and cut 30% of your plowing time. Add the optional E-Z Switch™ Wings and you have the professional plower’s dream plow.

  • 29HD Series

    Fits HD 1/2 Ton To 1 Ton Trucks.

    Tough. Reliable. Built to perform day in and day out. Winter after grueling winter. As a professional plower, you depend on the steel in front of your truck to move your business ahead. That’s why more and more contract plowers are using Sno-Way’s 29HD Series.

  • 26 Series

    Fits 1/2 Ton Trucks.

    Sno-Way snow plows are renowned for their high-strength, quality and durability. The 26 Series is no exception. Like the Sno-Way 29HD, the 26 series has a welded blade skin construction with an eye on keeping weight optimal. Should you desire a poly skin for the slick surface, you can now add the optional EZ-Fit Blade Skin with minimal weight effect. The 26 has all of the same standard features as Sno-Way’s commercial plow line without the extra weight: High-strength steel FlexForce™ frame construction, heavy-duty A-frame, patented EIS™ lighting technology, direct linkage lifting system and an ultra-responsive hydraulic package. You’ll enjoy rock-solid performance with this compact plow package all winter long.

  • 22 Series

    Fits Trucks: Downsized Trucks and SUV''s.

    Whether you’re looking to plow out your driveway, helping out a neighbor or two, or upfitting a downsized vehicle in your fleet, Sno-Way 22 Series plows give you BIG BLADE RESULTS in a compact snow plow package.

Plows Accessories

  • Snow Plow Emergency Parts Kit

    P/N 96109205-22, 26, 29, 29T, 32 Series
    P/N 96112515-MegaBlade™ Contractor
    P/N 96112517-MegaBlade™ V-Wing™
    P/N 96112516-MegaBlade™ Revolution™

  • 3/4 Inch Cutting Edge

    P/N 96108011-72" Cutting Edge
    P/N 96108012-80" Cutting Edge
    P/N 96108013-90" Cutting Edge

  • Disc Shoes

    P/N 96102542 ( 26-26R-29HD Series Only) single,for blades w multi skin options
    P/N 96113251 ( (All Other Plows) single,for blades with weld in skin only

Additional Plow Products

  • Additional Products And Tire Technology

    We do all service work on cars, suvs, and trucks. We have many tires in stock and we are able to align your ride for you also. Our service work includes but not limited to brakes, oil changes, motor work and exhaust work on any vehicle. If you have a check engine light on we can take care of that for you as well.

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